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Huagou Piling Driving Machinery

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Address: Located at the 50 meters south of Tian Jiu Tai Ke Courtyard, south side of Chunqiu Road, West side of 308 National Road, Xinhe County, Xingtai City

Company culture

Xinhe County Huagou Piling Driving Machinery factory is a professional manufacturer with rich experience in design, manufacturing and installation. We have professional R & D and innovation technology to produce advanced products. With humanization structure design, our drills is easy to operate and transport, providing high efficiency. Structure rationalization greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, thus significantly improve the economic benefits. Our factory engineers focus on the continuous innovation to make our products with the state-of-the-art technologies.

We provide drills with high quality and welcome customers to visit. The engineering drilling machine depth expands from a few dozen meters to 200 meters with 300 mm—3000 mm of hole diameters and high efficiency, which is applicable to a wide range of layers. Our reliable quality, high efficiency and easy to use drills are your ideal choice for drilling equipment.

Power head normal circulation drill is new type dill designed by our factory, which is suitable for drilling various layers, such as mud, clay, sand gravel, and decomposed rock. It is applicable to building, water conservation, ports, bridges and other foundation constructions. It can easily drill hard layer, highly weathered and moderately weathered layers with a rock bit. The drilling of rock layer also can be easily completed with this drill; therefore it is applicable for a broad range of engineering pile driver.

Our advanced engineering piling machine features low maintenance cost, fast drilling footage, durable gears through strict carburization and wear-resistant drill pipe joints within 2-3 years after heat treatment.

The power head suspends a Y series common motor above the frame, which can change 3 kinds of drilling speed (31-turn, 66-turn and 93-turn). It possess advantages of high bit pressure, fast drilling footage, low repair and maintenance cost, high vertical hole efficiency and high deep hole formation over under water drill and grinding drill.

Xinhe County Huagou Piling Driving Machinery factory has more than 30 years history. Our factory researched and developed pile driving machinery is widely used in the foundation constructions of municipal civil engineering and construction installation, which can meet the demands of highway, railway, bridges, industrial and civil foundation constructions with high efficiency, no vibration, low energy consumption, low noise, and high degree of vertical hole formation. Drill diameter is 300--3000 mm with depth of 0-200 meters. Products have been sold to 30 domestic provinces and autonomous regions, and exported to eight regions and countries. Our products have been used in thousands domestic important projects with high national standards, such as Zhengzhou Yellow River highway bridge, GuangZhen high speed rail, Qingyin Expressway, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Harbin High Speed Rail, and 2008 Beijing Olympic stadium foundation.

We insist on the business philosophy of “Customers interests above everything else”, carry out “entrepreneurial, dedicated, professional, hardworking and enthusiastic” enterprise spirits, adhere to the “people-oriented, market-centric and technology leading” development strategy, persist on the “management by virtue and honest”, and always persevere in “reward customers with new innovative products”. We will make efforts to develop and improve in the quality and scale, insist on the company mission, constantly keep innovation and meet challenges with more aggressive enterprising attitude.

Welcome to visit our website. We hope to further understand each other and bring value and surprises for your business. Our company website is a bridge where we know each other, establish friendship, and strengthen cooperation. We will continue to pursue the quality with state-of-the-art technology for rewarding the trust and support of customers. Wish to cooperate with you to achieve mutual splendid prospect. 

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Address: Located at the 50 meters south of Tian Jiu Tai Ke Courtyard, south side of Chunqiu Road, West side of 308 National Road, Xinhe County, Xingtai City

TEL:86-0319-4891497 Phone:18603192304 FAX:86-1324-7468123 Technical ICP:13016323-1 Business license


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