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Reason analysis and prevention of cast-in-place pile pipe not being pulled out during construction

Reason analysis and prevention of cast-in-place pile pipe not being pulled out during construction


Cause analysis and preventive measures of unplugged duct during construction

1. Phenomenon

During the pouring of the bottom-sealed concrete, the phenomenon that the lower mouth of the pipe is buried in the concrete and cannot be pulled out occurs.

2. Cause Analysis

(1) There is a large deviation in the size and verticality of the catheter, the outer diameters are different, and there is bending.

(2) The conduit is buried too deep in the concrete pile, and the lifting frequency is too small.

(3) The concrete is not continuously poured. If the interval is too long, the concrete has solidified, and the pipe is glued firmly.

(4) Improper mix ratio of concrete, initial setting time is too short, workability is poor, material storage time is too long, concrete is solidified quickly after being poured, and it adheres to the duct, increasing friction.

3. Preventive measures

(1) The catheter should be carefully processed to keep the upper and lower outer diameters consistent, and the curvature should not be greater than 0.5%. The connector should be sleeved with thick wire buckles. The length of the next section of the catheter should be greater than 2m, and the lower end should not have a flange.

(2) The depth of the concrete inserted into the duct should be determined according to the thickness of the back cover, and it should be controlled between 1.2 and 3.0m, and should not be too deep. The elevation of the concrete surface outside the duct should be measured every 20 minutes, and the duct should be lifted in time so as not to be buried too deep. During the pouring process, the catheter should be lifted every 20-30 minutes.

(3) The concrete should be continuously poured, and the interval time is generally controlled within 15 minutes, and under no circumstances should exceed 30 minutes.

(4) The concrete mix ratio is appropriately selected. The initial setting time should not be less than 3h, the slump of the concrete should be 18-20cm, and the storage time should not exceed 1.5h.

4. Governance methods

The catheter cannot be pulled out. You can cut off the bottom sealing concrete at the root of the pipe, and cut the exposed pipe in the pipe and the upper part.

The concrete is blocked, tamped and leveled.

Our company produces hydraulic step-reverse cycle rigs, vehicle-mounted reverse cycle rigs, automobile rigs, submersible rigs, engineering rigs, CFG pile rigs, drilling rigs, long spiral rigs, long spiral pile rigs, Hebei rigs, rig accessories, rig guides and other pile-working machinery All are manufactured using current domestic advanced technology, with high efficiency and labor saving. The domestic customers are well received! The company was registered in 1987, with a registered capital of 2 million and more than 100 employees. We solemnly declare: Xinhe Huagou Drilling Rig Factory in Hebei Province has been established for more than thirty years. The company has developed and produced a series of more than 30 varieties of 10 series of pile-working machines, mainly KQ series submersible engineering drilling rigs and KLB hydraulic step Type long spiral drilling rig, DZB multifunctional drilling rig, CFG series pile rig, automobile rig, reverse circulation rig, screw pile rig, hydraulic rig, submersible rig and other products; widely used in civil engineering, municipal and building installation engineering foundation construction. It can meet the needs of foundation construction such as highways, railways, bridges, industrial and civil buildings, seaports, dams and seepage prevention. With high efficiency and technical characteristics.

The main models are: CFG-18 CFG-23 CFG-26 CFG-28 CFG-30 CFG-31 CFG-36, etc.

 Long spiral drill pipe models are: diameter 400mm-500mm-600mm-700mm-800mm

Auger drill models include: diameter 400mm-500mm-600mm-700mm-800mm

 Perfusion catheter models are: diameter (inner diameter) 220mm 250mm 300mm

Auger drill rod: cold-drawn one-time forming blade, no annealing, good toughness and durable. Spiral drill bit: cast steel blade, drill tip, wear-resistant. The material is wear-resistant, and the connecting flange and drill pipe are finished with high-carbon steel.

The company provides ∮200.∮219.∮250.∮300.type conduits, which can also be customized. Features of this product

1. This product uses 4mm thick seamless steel pipe, ribbed joints are made of forged parts, and threaded joints are welded on both sides. The wire button is trapezoidal, and the wire button is trapezoidal, which effectively prevents the thread buckle from bumping and increases the wear resistance to prevent tripping.

2. This product uses water and gas mixed pressure test before leaving the factory. The foundation pipe is connected to the ground horizontally by adding water, and the gas pressure test pressure reaches 10 kg without leakage, which ensures the construction work of the foundation pile pouring concrete. This product has been used in the construction of major engineering bridges and high-rise buildings across the country, and is well received by users.

3. Our factory has a set of 61 meters of ducts, including a section of 4 meters, a section of 18 meters, a section of 3 meters, a section of 1.5 meters, a meter of 1 meter, and a section of 0.5 meters, with accessories: 2 wrenches, 2 lifts, sealed Apron.

 4. Uses: railway bridges, highway bridges, power plant foundations, subway excavations, and other concrete constructions. The basic catheter.

Concrete pouring foundation pipe is used for large-scale bridge engineering, China Railway Engineering, highway engineering, hydropower engineering, and high-rise foundation use.



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