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Perfusion cathetersConcrete catheters

Perfusion cathetersConcrete catheters


1.Ensure the density and uniformity of the mud before filling the hole

2, calculate the length of the duct and the elevation of the concrete top surface

3. Ensure the normal mixing and transportation of concrete

These are the main ones, and many things need to be learned through experience.

1. Raw materials

Po 42.5 ordinary Portland cement is adopted; coarse aggregate is single grain size 5 ~ 25mm crushed stone; fine aggregate is medium sand and river sand; tap water is used for mixing and curing; retarder is used as admixture.

The concrete raw materials must have a factory certificate when entering the site. After entering the site, sampling inspection must be performed according to the specifications.

2. Mix ratio design

The concrete design code of the cast-in-situ pile is C30, and it is prepared according to the strength of 42Mpa when the mix ratio test is performed; the slump of the concrete mixture is selected from 18 to 22 cm. Based on this, the mix ratio design is performed.

3. Concrete mixing

Loading and metering: The sand and gravel are loaded by manual trolleys, and the scale is measured; the cement is bagged cement, manually fed, 2 bags of cement for each irrigation; the water is pumped by the pump to pump the pool water, electronically measured, and controlled according to the time The amount of water to be added; the admixture is measured in a predetermined volume with a plastic measuring cup, which is added together with the cement when the admixture is fed. The weighing tolerances of various materials are as follows:

 Material name Cement or admixture Coarse and fine aggregate Water Admixture

Allowable deviation ± 2% ± 3% ± 2% ± 2%

Mixing: Two 0.35m3 forced mixing machines are selected, each with a mixing capacity of 9m3 / h. Concrete mixing time should not be less than 90 seconds.

4. Catheters and funnels

After the reinforced cage is put in place, the catheter is immediately lowered. The diameter of the catheter is 20cm and the length of each section is 1-3m. The ends of the catheter are equipped with wire buckles for connecting the catheters. The distance between the lower end of the catheter and the bottom of the hole is 25 ~ 40cm, which is located in the center of the pile hole. The upper opening of the pipe is directly connected to the concrete funnel, which is about 1m above the mud surface.

In order to enable the funnel concrete to form a pile at the lower end of the pipe, the concrete surface is 1m higher than the bottom of the pipe to prevent water from flowing back into the pipe from the outside. A funnel with a volume of 0.9m3 is used. The diameter of the cast-in-situ pile is 0.8m. Considering the possible reaming, calculated according to the diameter of 0.9m, the height of the 0.9m3 concrete that can be cast-in-situ pile is 1.4m, which meets the requirements.

Hebei Xingtai Huagou Basic Conduit Factory is where the national policy economic and trade information meets. It is 98 kilometers away from the provincial capital Shijiazhuang, close to the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, the Qingyin Expressway, and the 308 National Highway passing through the city. It is a company that produces long spiral drilling rigs, CFG drilling rigs, reverse circulation drilling rigs, cast-in-place conduits, drilling rig conduits, basic conduits, engineering conduits, pouring conduits, flaps, hoppers, buckets, hole cleaners, seals, joints, etc. The main emerging manufacturing company. Since the establishment of the factory, it has an advantageous processing capacity and a good reputation.

I plant based on the principle of customer-oriented, select materials, customized processing with advanced equipment. Main production and operation: ducts, hoppers, flaps, protective cylinders, basic ducts, basic ducts are 4mm thick seamless steel pipes, ribbed joints are 2.5 Pieces of steel, joints are welded on both sides. The wire buckle is trapezoidal, and the seamless pipe and the joint are corrected to ensure the verticality of the basic catheter and the welding is guaranteed.

 The foundation pipe is connected horizontally by adding water, and the gas pressure test pressure reaches 10 kg without leakage, which ensures the construction work of the foundation pile pouring concrete.

This product has been used in the construction of major engineering bridges and high-rise buildings across the country, and is favored by users.

Uses: railway bridges, highway bridges, power plant foundations, subway excavations, and other concrete pouring foundation pipes for foundation construction. The basic catheter.

Concrete pouring foundation pipe is used for large-scale bridge engineering, China Railway Engineering, highway engineering, hydropower engineering, and high-rise foundation use.



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