Drilling rig duct-Grouting drill

Drilling rig duct-Grouting drill

Drilling rig duct-Grouting drill

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  • Date of issue:2021-01-25
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Our factory has a set of 61 meters of ducts, including a section of 4 meters, a section of 18 meters, a section of 3 meters, a section of 1.5 meters, a meter of 1 meter, and a section of 0.5 meters. . This product uses 4mm thick seamless steel pipe, ribbed joints are made of forged parts, and threaded joints are welded on both sides. The wire button is trapezoidal, and the wire button is trapezoidal, which effectively prevents the thread buckle from bumping and increases the wear resistance to prevent tripping.

Additionally, the pipes produced by our factory are made of 4 thick seamless steel pipes. Please call our friends who see clearly not to compare the price of 3.3 3.5 3.75 thick pipe with other manufacturers, there is no comparability! Drilling rig conduit-Huagou rig | Xinhe Huagou rig repair and manufacturing plant is based on innovation and strives for survival by quality . The newly developed power head type positive circulation drilling rig is suitable for drilling of various strata such as silt, clay, gravel and weathered rock. Widely used in construction, water conservancy, port, bridge and other engineering foundation construction. More suitable for hard texture. Strong weathering and moderate weathering can be easily completed. It can be easily completed with the Alon diamond head formation. It is suitable for a wide range of ground, low maintenance costs and fast footage. Advanced engineering pile driver so far. The gears are particularly durable through tight carburizing.


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