Grouting drill

Grouting drill

Grouting drill

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Grouting Drill

Filling Process

1.Reinforcement Cage Placement

Align drill and pile hole, put down the steel wire from winch, fix the U-ring at the steel wire rope end, tighten the reinforcement cage with U-ring, lift the reinforcement cage through winch off the ground 20-30 cm, put down the reinforcement cage on the pile hole, and rotate the cage during falling process by workers to prevent hanging hole, place the reinforcement cage on the specified location, and then weld the reinforcement cage top with a welded hanging steel bar, remove the U-ring after fixing hanging steel bar, prevent the reinforcement cage falling into the hole.

2.Pipe Placement

Before placing pipe, the well frame should be placed on the center of pile hole and aligned with the center of reinforcement cage. Put down the winch, fix the wire rope with a lifting lug, lift the lifting lug by the winch, place the pipe in the reinforcement cage (prevent hanging on the reinforcement cage), fix the well frame, place the pipe, remove the lift lug to lift the next pipe, connect the pipe joint and pay attention to the pipe and pipe connecting thread, tighten all pipes, connect the lifting lug on the top pipe, then place the hopper, and start grouting after hopper in place.

3.Pouring Concrete

For the first concrete pouring, the hopper should be full of a certain amount concrete, then open the fixed damper in the hopper, then the concrete is easy to bring out the residue sediment in the hole bottom due to gravity to ensure there is no sediment at the bottom of the hole and improve the bearing capacity of pile. During the process of filling, the winch should be put back and forth to ensure the concrete in the pipe reach the hole bottom.

At the end of pipe, burry 3-5 meters concrete depth. Lift the pipe while pouring, and take out the pipe after completing filling. The pipe used should be cleaned with water.


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