8”Tracked Reverse Circulation Drill

8”Tracked Reverse Circulation Drill

8”Tracked Reverse Circulation Drill

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Usage and Technical Performance of  Drill:

YDZ-2000 drilling rig is an electric rotary drilling rig. It is an ideal hole-forming machine for cast-in-situ piles. It embodies a multi-purpose new technology. Make the rig more usable and suitable for a wider range of formations. It is suitable for silt, clay, gravel layer, weathered rock shale, and more suitable for foundation construction of a variety of complex layers such as pebbles. Ideal equipment.

8”Tracked Reverse Circulation Drill


Drilling diameter


Drilling depth


Spindle power


Mud pump power


Spindle speed


Spindle torque


Pumping capacity of mud pump


Lifting force of main roll


Wire rope specifications


Wire rope capacity


Double-threaded ribbing on drill pipe


Rig height


Overall outline (length × width × height)


Host weight


Drill Structure and Operating Principle:

1. YDZ-1500 multi-function drilling rig is composed of electric motor, reducer, vacuum pump, hydraulic oil pump, main winch, auxiliary winch, oil cylinder, power distribution box, drill frame, drill rod, drill bit.

2. Motor: Y series ordinary motor.

3. Reducer: The drilling rig is reduced to four-axis three-stage gear.

4. Sealing: When the rig is working in a sandy or muddy environment, it must be ensured that it cannot leak air and oil before it can work normally. Therefore, this machine uses a combination of mechanical seal and packing.

working principle:

1. The drilling rig's walking and steering are delivered by the oil pump to the traveling oil cylinder and steering oil cylinder through the pipeline. It is controlled by the multi-way valve, so that it can complete the forward, backward, step-type walking and left-right steering action.

2. The power unit transmits the power to the output shaft through a speed reducer through a speed reducer, which drives the drill pipe and drill bit to cut the soil. The cut mud is discharged from the drill pipe hole into the slurry pool by the mud pump. The sludge enters the circulation after passing through the sedimentation.

Cage and ash pouring of drilling rig

After the pile hole is drilled, the drill rod and drill bit are raised, and the rig moves one step backward at the same time. Use the auxiliary forehead hook above the drill rig to align the center of the pile hole, and the hoist can be used to pour the cage and commodity ash.

Fourth, the safe operating procedures of the rig

1. The operator of this machine must go through a certain training, understand the mechanical structure and technical performance, and be familiar with the safety operation regulations before they can operate on the machine. Non-operators shall not operate on the aircraft at will. Operators shall not operate on board after drinking and illness. It is strictly forbidden to go to bed.

2. Before each start-up, a comprehensive inspection of the drilling rig and supporting equipment should be carried out. In particular, pay attention to check whether the brake of the hoist is reliable, whether the wire rope is broken, and whether the strand is broken. Whether the electrical equipment is intact and normal, refuel and maintain all lubricating parts. After all parts of the car are inspected, it can be turned on to work if normal.

3. On-site staff should wear insulated shoes and safety helmets when working.

4. The hoisting machine is strictly forbidden to work with sickness. If there is any fault, it should be stopped for repair and can only work after repair.

5. When disassembling and disassembling the drill pipe, you should concentrate on removing foreign matter on the surface of the thread fastener, ensure that the connection is reliable, and at the same time, be careful not to let the tool fall into the wellbore.

6. The operator should adhere to the transfer system, and must explain to the successor to clear the working conditions and hidden dangers of the rig on the shift. When necessary, the hidden danger should be handled before working.

Five, the use and maintenance of the rig

1. The main engine and the hoist reducer should regularly observe the lubrication. If there is a shortage of oil, it should be added in time. The planetary gears and bearings of the reducer and the hoist are regularly filled with grease.

2. Pay attention to the phase difference every time you connect the power supply at the site. You can first try to turn on the oil pump to see if it is rotating forward (the operator faces the boom and the oil pump's coupling should rotate to the left). , Are all forward.

3. When the rig is working, it is necessary to monitor the electrical instrumentation at any time and listen to the sounds of various moving parts. If abnormal sounds are found, stop the machine immediately for inspection and do not allow the rig to work with illness. All fasteners must be checked frequently to prevent loosening.

4. The drilling speed should be changed according to the formation change, depending on the water output of the reverse circulation mud pump (the water output can be faster, the water shortage is slow or stopped), and the mud ratio of the positive circulation is controlled. Advance.

5. The operation of the hydraulic handle must be slow first and then fast (depending on the site conditions). If it is operated too quickly, the machine parts will be damaged and danger will occur.

6. The operator must always observe whether there is oil leakage in the oil circuit and the lack of oil in the fuel tank. At the same time, be careful not to hang, pull, and pressure the oil pipe, so as not to damage the work.

7. If the drilling rig is not used for a long time, the oil cylinder should be retracted or packed with oil, and the part that needs to be refueled should be refilled for future use.

8. When the cumulative rig footage exceeds five kilometers, it should be maintained and repaired.

Operation of the power distribution system

The distribution box is the supporting equipment of the YDZ-1500 drilling rig. It is suitable for a three-phase AC network with a rated voltage of 380V, a frequency of 50HZ.

Conditions of Use

a. The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters.

b. Air temperature is not more than 85%

c. Network voltage fluctuation is not greater than -5% ~ + 5%

d. The box adopts outdoor results, and the inlet and outlet lines are located at the bottom of the box.


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