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Truck-mounted water well rig

Truck-mounted water well rig


Since October last year, drought conditions have occurred in Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Anhui, and Jiangsu. In particular, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has suffered a severe drought once in a century. The drought has a wide range, a long duration, a deep degree, and a large loss, all of which are rare in history and cause huge economic losses to the people of Inner Mongolia. In order to support drought relief in the disaster-stricken areas, the Party Central Committee and the State Council allocated 2 million yuan of central financial special funds for drought relief and self-rescue. The water conservancy system of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, through the form of government procurement, has centralized the purchase of various well drilling rigs and drought-resistant special equipment produced by our plant. Xinbaarhuyou Banner, Karaqin Banner, Hailar, Sunit Zuo Banner, Tongliao City, Balinzuo Flags, Zhenglan Banner, Taipusi Banner, Ningcheng and more than 20 counties and counties have purchased our factory's power head drilling rig and truck-mounted water well drilling rig.

To fully support the drought relief in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, so far in the first half of this year, our factory has organized the entire plant to work overtime, fight day and night, and rush to produce the on-board water well drilling rigs urgently needed in the first line of drought resistance in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In accordance with the enterprise development concept of "achieve customers, service forever, and win-win cooperation", the factory director Jia personally led the team, engineer, sales manager, after-sales service center, which lasted for nearly one month, and traveled more than 10,000 kilometers to serve customers. The service staff went to each drilling site in each county and county of Inner Mongolia steppe. On the basis of comprehensive maintenance of power head rigs and truck-mounted water well rigs, they carefully understood the mechanical performance of truck-mounted water well rigs, hydraulic systems, and mud circulation. Solve various technical problems raised by users one by one, and exchange drilling technology and drilling experience with users on site, so that the various potentials of truck-mounted water well rigs can be maximized, helping the drought relief in Inner Mongolia. Wherever they go, they are enthusiastically welcomed by the grassland people. Welcome and hospitality. In order to express the joyful mood, the after-sales service staff wrote a poem collectively: Prairie Love: Miles outside the grassland, broken rock formations in Hulunbuir, Tonglong in the Liaoning Arid Region; Shuanglong in Bahrain entered the palace, and the blue flag obo heard the singing; Ring, Xian Weng stalks detailed; tossing and serving three or six cities, thousands of miles and grasslands.



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Address: Located at the 50 meters south of Tian Jiu Tai Ke Courtyard, south side of Chunqiu Road, West side of 308 National Road, Xinhe County, Xingtai City

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